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Living in hidden lines

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Having grown up in the countryside, creativity has been my go-to toy; this is perhaps the beginning of my curiosity into seeing the unpredictable results of an experimental practice. My interests in literature and it's interpretations have also effected my imagery; never resisting an element of chance in my work that I can analyse and be excited by.



2018 - Yolk Collective; Free Range Show. At The Old Truman Brewery, London. 

2018 - Focus; Graduate Show. At the Institute of Photography, Penryn. 

2018 - Flashpoint; Group Exhibition. At The Gallery, Institute of Photography, Penryn.

2017 - Lux; Group Exhibition. At The Poly, Falmouth

2015 - A Space Within and Other Stories; Group Exhibition. At The Gallery, Institution of Photography, Penryn.


BA (Hons) Photography - Falmouth University 2015/2018



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 Currently studying BA (Hons) Photography at Falmouth University, I am a photographer whose work is driven by a passion for the creative arts. Eliciting inspiration from literature, music, drawing and film as well as the world around me. It wasn't until College that my ability with photography started to grow, until then being satisfied with art and all its possibilities. Since, however, both my passions combined…

Under Rhapsody

This series of images is predominantly self-reflective in nature, despite being created through 'found' photographs; collaged using multiple mediums and materials that I had become familiar with whilst growing up. With the intention of portraying a sense of self, through creating memory on the cusp of being remembered. In an exhibition at The Poly, Falmouth, the collection of images were printed on fabric, separated and frayed to make reference to tapestries found within homely decoration and indicate that individual prints are a part of a larger picture.

Portfolio Overview

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Poetry Reactions

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Flaws, Perfections, Ideals & Compromises

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